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Sirius Series UC-arm Fluoroscopy DR

Versatile functionality, exceptional value. This integrated system enables swift switching between real-time fluoroscopy and radiography imaging (in only 0.1 seconds).




Self-developed UC-arm Mechanical Structure

  • Column swivel range: -30°- +120°
  • Detector rotation range: -45°~ +45°

SID Range 1m-1.8m

  • The SID can be adjusted from 1 meter to 1.8 meters with a single touch.
  • Adjusting the SID allows for imaging of either a broad area or specific regions comprehensively.

Large LCD Touch-screen

  • Anatomy Programmed Radiography(APR) function enhances workflow efficiency, exemplifying its commitment to streamlined operations.
  • The touch-screen can automatically switch between landscape and portrait modes for a horizontal view.

Clinical Image

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