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Ceiling-mounted DR

This high-end ceiling-suspended digital radiography system is meticulously developed by SONTU. With its futuristic and distinctive design, exceptional maneuverability, and high-performance configuration, it brings endless possibilities to clinical settings.




Superior Imaging Chain

  • Wireless FPD – 17*17 inches/Real-time charging/Battery status display.
  • High-resolution FPD – 100μm/1600 Pixels.
  • Dynamic FPD – 30fps/Fluoroscopy & Radiography two in one.

Originally Designed Appearance

  • Jupiter Ring – Originally design circular handle with induction breathing light.
  • Constant Screen – 10.1” touchscreen remains horizontal regardless handle rotation.

Automatic positioning

  • More than 100 APRs can be automatically initiated with precise automatic alignment.
  • Truly synchronized 3D tracking for standing and lying positions.

EagleSharp System

  • Precisely and automatically adjusts x-ray tube and detectors based on patient positioning.
  • SONTU’s patented technology.

Visualized Exposure

  • A visualized exposure workflow enables easy monitoring of patient status.
  • A visualized adjustable collimator and software for real-time ionization chamber location.

Motorized Bed

  • The height can be lowered to 53cm.
  • Advanced sensing technology to detect and identify unexpected objects, automatically halting operation to prevent accidents.

Clinical Image

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