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RAD(S) Series Floor-mounted DR

Large image acquisition area with professional image processing workstation and optimal workflow makes SONTU’s RAD(S) series the ideal choice for your digital radiography solution.




Innovative User-friendly Design

  • 360°rotation of the X-ray tube column for any special radiographic positions.
  • Pluggable detector and grid design.

Functional Applications

  • Automatic Exposure Control(AEC) function(Optional).
  • Standard Dose Area Product(DAP) function.
  • Pneumoconiosis Anatomic Procedural Radiography (APR) provides chest X-ray screening for pneumoconiosis.

Stable Input Power Guarantee

  • SONTU Power Solutions break limited input power with a single-phase option available (Optional). Excellent performance under various electrical and installation circumstances.

Multiple Configurations

  • Providing 50kW and 63kW high-frequency generator options.
  • 14*17/17*17, wired/wireless flat panel detectors available.

Clinical Image

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