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The SONTU100-Cupid, SONTU’s stationary X-ray radiography system, is designed to provide veterinarians with effective and efficient veterinary digital radiography solutions to meet clinical demands.



Excellent Image Chain

  • The self-developed SONTU 32kW single-phase high voltage and high-frequency generator break through the limitation of input power.
  • 14×17 inch wired CSI FPD with ingress protection IP54 dust resistance and waterproofing.

Easy To Use

  • Large touch screen heads-up display allows quick image review and exposure parameters adjustment.
  • Standard exposure foot switch and fourway floating table provide maximum operating flexible.

Powerful Acquisition Software

  • SONTU100-Cupid series provides APR (Anatomical Program Radiography) program for various types and sizes of pets including dog, cat, bird, turtle., etc.
  • Advance panoramic stitching function and measurement tools for vet, including Vertebral heart size(VHS)、Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy(TPLO)、Hip dysplasia(HD)、Tibial Tuberosity Advancement(TTA).

Attractive Design

  • Cute cartoon machine-appearance design with two colors (brown & green) options available. Create relaxing atmosphere for pets and their owners.

Clinical Image

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