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SONTU offers a range of veterinary X-ray equipment and among which the SONTU100-Cupid stands out as the flagship product in the category of SONTU’s veterinary stationary radiography systems. This system has been designed to cater to the clinical requirements of veterinary practitioners, and offers an advanced DR solution that is both effective and efficient.



Excellent Image Chain

  • The 100-cupid veterinary radiography equipment uses the 32kW single-phase high voltage high frequency generator, developed in-house by SONTU, which breaks the limits of input power.


  • The 14×17 inch wired CSI FPD with ingress protection IP54 dust resistance and waterproofing. (recommended expression: The wired CSI FPD measures 14×17 inches and comes with ingress protection of IP54, making it resistant to dust and waterproof.)

Easy To Use

  • The veterinary X-ray unit allows for a quick preview of images and adjustment of parameters on the display screen.
  • A floating table and standard exposure foot pedal significantly increase the work efficiency of the doctor.

Powerful Acquisition Software

  • SONTU100-Cupid series provides APR (Anatomical Program Radiography) program for various types and sizes of pets including dog, cat, bird, turtle., etc.
  • Advance panoramic stitching function and measurement tools for vet, including Vertebral heart size(VHS)、Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy(TPLO)、Hip dysplasia(HD)、Tibial Tuberosity Advancement(TTA).

Attractive Design

  • Cute cartoon machine-appearance design with two colors (brown & green) options available. Create relaxing atmosphere for pets and their owners.

Clinical Image

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