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Mobile C-arm System

This mobile C-arm machine is specifically designed for orthopedic surgeries.With its smooth maneuverability and advanced flat-panel technology, it will bring precision and safety to your surgical procedures.




Advanced Imaging Chain

  • 9” * 9” a-Si flat panel detector and 12” * 12“ IGZO flat panel detector available
  • Integrated x-ray tube and generator(5kw) with pulsed exposure technology
  • Small double focal spot 0.3mm/0.6mm with rotating anode tube
  • 30mins uninterrupted power supply
  • Comprehensive real-time image processing capabilities

Excellent Maneuverability

  • Axial rotation ≥180°
  • Wig/wag movement ≥±18.5°
  • Horizontal movement ≥200mm
  • Orbital rotation ≥140°
  • Vertical movement ≥400mm

User Friendly Design

  • Laser positioning
  • Real-time DAP display
  • One-button power on/off
  • APR functions
  • Dual foot switch for fluoroscopy and radiography control

Clinical Image

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