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Motorized Floor-mounted DR

With Motorized operation system and professional image chain, SONTU300 Mars series provides a solid foundation to ensure high-resolution and quality images.




Professional Image Chain

  • 17”*17” wireless flat panel detector and high-heat-capacity X-ray tube for high-resolution and quality images.
  • Self-developed high frequency and high voltage generator (Up to 80kW)

Intuitive User Interface

  • Large LCD touch screen interface design.
  • Radiographic exposure settings and immediate image preview.

Intelligent Operation

  • Intelligent height recognition function.
  • Auto-synchronization of the tube position.

Cutting-edge Clinical Advanced Applications

  • Panoramic Stitching (Standard)
  • Virtual Dual-Energy Subtraction (Standard)
  • Bone Mineral Density Measurement (Optional)
  • AI Auxiliary Diagnostic System (Optional)

Clinical Image

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