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Wireless Flat Panel Detector

The wireless FPD from SONTU is a lightweight and user-friendly design. The superior image quality from its high spatial resolution and excellent DQE empowers the doctors to provide accurate diagnoses with lower-dose radiation.





Superior Image Quality

  • Pixel Pitch: 140 ㎛
  • High sensitivity, high spatial resolution

Stable performance

  • Fast wireless data transmission for convenient use

  • Standard Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) function

User-friendly Design

  • Fast charging with long battery life

  • Simultaneous charging of two batteries with a charging base

  • Magnetic cable is provided to support image transmitting requests in multiple scenarios and provides a direct power supply.

Cutting-edge Clinical Advanced Applications

  • Panoramic Stitching (Standard)

  • Virtual Dual-Energy Subtraction (Standard)

  • Bone Mineral Density Measurement (Optional)

  • AI Auxiliary Diagnostic System(Optional)

Clinical Image

Model SONTU50-4336W-C/G SONTU50-4343W-C/G
Scintillator  CsI/Gos CsI/Gos
Active Area (inch) 14×17 17×17
Pixel Pitch (μm) 140 140
Dimension (mm) 462*384*16  462*462*16 
Weight(kg) 3.5  4.5 
Operating Temperature (℃) 10~40 10~40
Operating Humidity (%RH) 30~75  30~75 
Storage Temperature (℃) -20~+55 -20~+55
Storage Humidity (%RH) 30~93 30~93


Intended Use

The device is designed to provide a general radiographic diagnosis of human anatomy. It is intended to replace film/screen systems in all general-purpose diagnostic procedures. This device is not designed for mammography or dental applications.


Pregnant woman, gestation period, lactation period, and nearly 3 months have pregnant plan person careful use.

Intended User

The device is intended to be operated in a radiological environment by qualified staff.

Intended patient population

The device applies to all patient populations who need to take a general radiographic diagnosis.


1. Ensure that all necessary precautions are taken before each X-ray exposure.

2. Do not modify this equipment without the authorization of the manufacturer.

3. This product cannot be used in flammable gas or corrosive gas environment.

4. Do not position this equipment to make it difficult to operate the disconnection of the power cable from the supply mains.


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