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Veterinary Cone-beam CT

SONTU Veterinary Cone-beam CT is an innovative small-to-medium animal imaging system developed independently by SONTU. It offers rapid 3D imaging through a single rotation, smart operations, advanced clinical functions and minimal radiation exposure. This cutting-edge equipment is ideally suited for capturing high-quality 3D images of bone tissue, and can also image soft tissue, making it an invaluable tool for veterinarians.




Excellent Imaging Quality

  • Amorphous silicon cesium iodide flat panel detector with 120μm pixel size.
  • A slice thickness of 0.24 mm, 1.7Lp/mm high spatial resolution, and rich details.
  • Small double focal spot to ensure image quality.

Smart Operation

  • 4 types of LED lights to indicate the machine’s status
  • Laser-assisted pet positioning
  • Motorized table moving by one touch
  • APR function for quick adjustment of parameter

Easy Installation

  • Compatible with 110v/220v input power
  • 260kg Low weight and 10m2 small footprint

Advanced Clinical Applications

  • Radiography, contrast, and fluoroscopy all in one
  • Maximum Intensity Projection
  • Multiplanar Reconstruction
  • Curved Planar Reformation
  • VR – Skeletal Reconstruction

Clinical Image

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