SONTU Medical Products Selected to the Outstanding Domestic Medical Equipment Catalog

SONTU Medical is proud to share the news that six of our products have been nominated and included in the Outstanding Domestic Medical Equipment Catalog, 7th Edition, by the China Association of Medical Equipment (CAME). The selected products include six models from the SONTU 300-Mars C Series (Fig.3: Ceiling-mounted DR with double Panels) and the SONTU 300-Mars Series (Fig.4: Double-column floor-mounted DR). 

The catalog selection is made by the reviewing committee experts. The assessment covers various aspects to ensure the reliability and safeness of the product and the overall capability of the manufacturing enterprise, including a comprehensive evaluation of the technical parameters, the performance during clinical application, corporate reputation, quality management system, and product services, etc. 

SONTU’s products have been chosen and included in the Outstanding Domestic Medical Equipment Catalogs each year in the last few years, featuring the SONTU 100, SONTU 200, SONTU 300, and SONTU 500 series DR systems.  

While SONTU appreciates the high recognition and trust, we will continue to bring quality and innovative products to the market with ongoing efforts to facilitate the advancement of the medical device industry and contribute to the ultimate patient care.