Technology is advancing quickly in the medical industry, which calls for strategies that can help to improve the diagnostics process. Researchers are working[1] on ways to incorporate AI with digital radiology, enhancing diagnostics and providing early identification of chronic illnesses, as well as other conditions. A ceiling-mounted radiography system can also make a big difference in helping with various imaging tests. We take a closer look at these systems and their potential applications. 

Introduction to the SONTU 800-Jupiter Ceiling Suspended DR

A ceiling-suspended DR system becomes an integral part of the modern-day diagnostics setting. This is where the SONTU800-Jupiter system comes into the picture. It is an advanced, modernized system that uses the latest technology to provide a superior variety of imaging options to the medical facility. 


Here are some of the key features that the SONTU800-Jupiter Ceiling Suspended DR offers:

  • The nine-axis movement motion system helps to deliver an exceptional level of precision when it comes to performing imaging tests on patients. Greater precision helps to ensure diagnostics are accurate and the patient fully understands what they should expect. 
  • A combination of the Visualization Exposure System and EagleSharp Intelligent Positioning system ensures there is no need to worry about the wrong angle or position during the scanning process. The system can automatically align to provide the best results. 
  • The Constant Screen helps to provide an interactive way for the lab technician, nurse, or other healthcare expert to operate on the screen.
  • Jupiter Ring – a circular handle with induction light handles indicates every touch and movement, exuding grace and lightness reminiscent of the rings of the Jupiter. 

The advanced technology and intelligent features of the SONTU800-Jupiter Ceiling Suspended DR can help to simplify various applications in the medical setting. At the same time, it can also help to improve the outcome of diagnostic tests. 

The Benefits of Having a SONTU800 Jupiter Ceiling-mounted DR

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important features of SONTU800 Jupiter Ceiling-mounted DR and learn about its main benefits. 

  1. Adaptability for Various Examinations:

SONTU800 Jupiter ceiling-mounted DR systems can accommodate a wide range of imaging studies, including chest X-rays, skeletal X-rays, abdominal X-rays, and even more complex procedures like fluoroscopy. 

  1. Enhanced Image Quality:

SONTU800 Jupiter ceiling-mounted DR is equipped with high-end image detectors and advanced imaging technology, resulting in superior image quality. The higher image resolution and clarity allow for more accurate diagnoses and better visualization of anatomical structures, making it ideal for detailed radiological studies.

  1. Fast Workflow

The Ceiling-mounted DR systems is always ready for use in the examination room due to its advanced functions such as APR functions and EagleSharp Intelligent Adjustment System, reducing setup time and expediting the imaging process. The streamlined workflow can lead to increased patient throughput and shorter waiting times. 

  1. Larger Imaging Coverage:

Jupiter is designed to cover a larger imaging area compared to portable systems. This feature is particularly advantageous when imaging larger body parts like the chest or abdomen. 

  1. Space Efficiency

The Ceiling-mounted DR systems do not require additional floor space in the examination room, making them an excellent choice for facilities with limited space. This also allows for better accessibility around the patient during the imaging process.

  1. Fixed Positioning and Stability:

Unlike portable DR systems that need to be moved around, ceiling-mounted DR is fixed in place. This stability ensures consistent and accurate positioning of the X-ray beam and the patient, reducing the risk of repeat exposures and minimizing patient discomfort.


SONTU was first founded in the year 2009 and, since then, has been working hard to deliver the latest technology to the medical industry. Since the foundation of SONTU, the experts behind the company have been developing state-of-the-art technologies that can help to improve the diagnostic process in various medical facilities. Reach out to learn how SONTU can help your facility or healthcare organizer provide patients with better diagnostics results.