Top 6 Factors that You Need to Consider When Selecting the Veterinary X-ray Equipment


X-ray imaging (radiography) is medical imaging technology producing digital imaging of internal organs and bones. Veterinary X-ray imaging ultimately helps in the immediate diagnosis of the issues with the pet that can’t be figured out physiologically. Suppose a worried and concerned fellow in the veterinary clinic carrying his beloved pet, complaining about some noticeable behavioral changes in the pet and painful symptoms like fever and difficulty in walking. Obviously, a pet can’t communicate verbally how the incident happened and can neither describe other symptoms it must be going through. Thanks to the help of veterinary X-ray equipment, veterinary practice is easy to realize.


Here are the advantages of veterinary X-ray equipment:

  • It can provide a clear image of internal organs. Imagine a dog with the pain of something stuck in its throat or something harmful swallowed by the pet. Veterinary X-ray equipment can be extremely advantageous in screening the cause and culprit for further treatments and cures.


  • The use of veterinary X-ray equipment diminishes the need for invasive surgical procedures to identify the cause of complications in pet animals.


  • It accelerates the diagnosis procedures for complex, chronic, or terminal diseases in the lungs, stomach, intestines, etc. It is an efficient approach to screening fractures in bones.


What to Consider When Choosing Veterinary Equipment?

The veterinary X-ray machine is indispensable in the veterinary clinic. To maximize the effect of the veterinary X-ray machine, there are some considerations that need to be paid attention to.


1. Type of Veterinarian X-ray Equipment

The type of equipment must be considered and researched in detail before selecting veterinary X-ray equipment for your clinic. There are two major types:

  1) CR X-ray system: Phosphor imaging plates are used in computed radiography technology to produce X-ray images. Here are its features:

  • Less installment cost
  • High maintenance costs periodically
  • Average image quality
  • Time-taking image-producing procedure

  2) DR X-ray system: Digital radiography is the latest advanced imaging technology. Its features are as follows:

  • One-time costly installment of a system
  • Minimum to negligible maintenance cost
  • Excellent image quality
  • Immediate image produced digitally within seconds
  • Portable wireless system


2. Specifications

Selecting veterinary equipment requires thorough research about its specifications. Below are the specifications of veterinary X-ray equipment that need consideration:

  • The power of the veterinary X-ray equipment
  • Dust-resistant and waterproof performance
  • The size of veterinary X-ray equipment
  • The wired or wireless design


3. Function

In addition to the core function of the machine, always look for additional functions. For example, consider whether the software allows the measurement of vertebral heart size (VHS). Another recommendable function is the availability of a fluoroscopy system in the machine or Video X-ray as a 2-in-1 digital X-ray.


4. User-friendliness

Always consider user-friendliness before making up your mind. A piece of veterinary X-ray equipment with a large touch screen or integrated free movement table with fastened brake system is a good pick as it breaks the space limitation and allows an easy and clear image, proving the user-friendly solution.


5. Software

If you’re going for an X-ray system, consider the software, which assists the working of the diagnostic system and helps radiologists with the efficient and instant reading of X-ray images.


6. Customer Support

The supplier of veterinary X-ray machines must provide professional installation services, product training, product upgrading, and maintenance services for the proficient use of equipment in the clinic.


After taking into account the above mentioned factors, it’s time to decide which type of veterinary X-ray equipment to purchase. Comparatively, a DR X-ray system is more worth purchasing due to its great features. So if you’ve made up your mind, here are a few products from SONTU to make your purchase uncomplicated.


Premium Veterinary DR X-ray Systems from SONTU


1. SONTU100-Cupid

This veterinary X-ray equipment is an advanced innovative stationary digital radiography system, which has a large touch screen and wide displays with dust-resistant and waterproof 14×17 inch wired CSI FPD. Our SONTU100-Cupid series uses APR (Anatomical Program Radiography) for X-ray imaging of various sizes and types of pets. In accordance with the CE standard, our product can ensure safety and reassure clients. What’s more, the attractively colorful cartoon appearance of the machine makes it stand out. 

veterinary x-ray



2. TOTUM 100E

This is our other veterinary X-ray equipment that produces high-quality images. It is equipped with superior image acquisition and an intelligent processing system with an anatomic graphical user interface for X-ray imaging of various species. Whether cat, dog, bird, fish, turtle, or snake, our TOTUM 100E can be used for their practice. Also, it features a precise and portable design for easy placement of pets, making it a best seller.

veterinary x-ray generator



SONTU is recognized as a specialized global manufacturer of innovative equipment used in digital medical imaging. More veterinary digital X-ray machines for sale are available, innovatively designed, and supplied by SONTU. The product supply, installation, upgrading, training, and maintenance services are also provided by SONTU engineers as customer support. Contact us for more details!