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10 inches G-sensor touchscreen, with SONTU-designed and developed
core components (flat panel, high-voltage generator and panel workstation);
Electric rack and intelligent height recognition included; Efficient
standing-position shooting; Two-way horizontal linkage and tracking for
tube and panel detector enables great time-saving to align the tube with
the panel center; Multiple smart DR software included (Virtual dual-energy
subtraction, Full length stitching, and Bone density measurement); SONTU’s
all-in-one integrated console included, with exposure control, rack control,
and voice intercom.

Product Details

Ergonomic, Highly Durable and Intelligent Rack Design

A. 10 inches G-sensor touch-screen; The metrics such as SID, FID 

distance, and tube rotation angle will be measured during the rack 

operations; Four functions including freely chosen for APR, image 

preview, and back-end optimization for rack performance;

B. Aluminum column mold-opening technology introduced for 

the first time in healthcare industry, to ensure high-standard 

rack, reasonable and compact structure, reliable and durable, 

with elegant shape;

C. Four-way floating fixed tabletop with electromagnetic lock;

D.Fully-electrical controlled lifting for the tube column and 

chest-film column, with automatic height synchronization 

function for the two columns;

E. Full-angle rotation designed tube for the convenient 

off-table image shooting;

In-house Developed High Frequency Generator;

A. SONTU branded high-voltage generator ensures the stable 

performance and excellent technical supports;

B. Output Power: the 50KW generator meet the needs of 

most DR clinical diagnosis scenarios;

C. Frequency: 50~60KHz high-inverter frequency ensures a 

stable exposure and high image quality;

D. Exposure Voltage: the 40KV~150KV wide range 

exposure voltage enables convenient selection between 

lower dose and stronger penetrability;

In-house Developed Frequently used CSI/ GOS Flat Panel Detector;

A. 14x17 inches and 17x17 inches size options available for all 

routine DR clinical diagnosis scenarios;

B. CSI/GOS scintillator available to meet different needs of the users;

In-house developed SONTU integrated console 

A. Elegant and aesthetical product design;

B. All-in-one integrated console for the rack control, high-voltage 

exposure, and voice intercom;

In-house developed DROC (Digital Radiography Operation Console).

A. Built-in intelligent height recognition;

B. Flexible exposure parameter settings;

C. Multi-functional advanced image processing system options available;

D. Easy remote installation, constant upgrade and maintenance supports;

E. Life time complimentary upgrade for basic DROC modules;

F. Convenient diagnosis data transportation between the referring physicians;

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