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SONTU is the first DR manufacturer applying portable panel with
bucky for the double-column fixed table. High-quality in-house
designed and developed core components (flat panel, high-voltage
generator, and panel workstation); All-in-one integrated console for
the rack control, high-voltage exposure, and voice intercom.

Product Details

Highly-precise and Intelligent Rack Design

A. Aluminum column mold-opening technology is introduced for the 

first time in healthcare industry that ensures the top-standard rack, 

feasible and compact structure, highly reliable and durable, with 

elegant appearance;

B. Fixed-bed with four-way horizontal floating tabletop and electromagnetic lock;

C. Automatic two-way linkage and position tracking between the tube 

and panel detector, for a more efficient patient positioning;

D. Full-angle rotation feature for the tube for more convenient off-table shooting;

In-house Developed High Frequency Generator;

A. Quality guarantee: The high-voltage generator from SONTU ensures 

a stable performance and excellent technical supports;

B. Output Power: the 50KW generator meet the needs of most DR 

clinical diagnosis scenarios;

C. Frequency: 50~60KHz high-inverter frequency ensures a stable 

exposure and high image quality;

D. Exposure Voltage: the 40KV~150KV wide range exposure 

voltage enables convenient selection between lower dose and stronger penetrability;


In-house Developed CSI/ GOS Flat Panel Detector;

A. 14x17 inches and 17x 17 inches size options available for all routine DR 

clinical diagnosis scenarios;

B. CSI/GOS scintillator available to meet different needs of the users;

In-house Developed SONTU Integrated Console 

A. Elegant and aesthetical product design;

B. Integrated console for the high-voltage exposure and voice intercom;

SONTU in-house Developed DROC (Digital Radiography Operation Console).

A. Easy exposure parameters settings, and various advanced image 

processing system options available;

B. Remote installation, upgrade and maintenance supports;

C. Life-time complimentary upgrade for the DROC basic modules;

D. Convenient diagnosis data transportation between the referring physicians;

E. Intelligent height recognition options available;

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