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10 inches G-sensor touchscreen, with SONTU-designed and developed
core components (flat panel, high-voltage generator and panel workstation);
Electric rack and intelligent height recognition included; Efficient
standing-position shooting; Two-way horizontal linkage and tracking for
tube and panel detector enables great time-saving to align the tube with
the panel center; Multiple smart DR software included (Virtual dual-energy
subtraction, Full length stitching, and Bone density measurement); SONTU’s
all-in-one integrated console included, with exposure control, rack control,
and voice intercom.

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·The rotation design of the panel detector makes shooting much convenient.
·High-quality core components: flat panel, high-voltage generator, and panel workstation are dedicatedly designed and developed by SONTU.
·Lower tube height makes low position shooting easier for children group or patients with special requirements.
·Flexible rack rotation range as wide as ninety degrees.
·Intelligent height recognition feature included.
·Vertically electric-regulation on cross arm can be controlled by integrated console.

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SONTU is the first DR manufacturer applying portable panel with
bucky for the double-column fixed table. High-quality in-house
designed and developed core components (flat panel, high-voltage
generator, and panel workstation); All-in-one integrated console for
the rack control, high-voltage exposure, and voice intercom.

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