Shenzhen Sontu Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. SONTU, Imaging Technology Detector

SONTU Responsibility  To provide the world with leading technology, cost-effective medical imaging products and services, to devote itself to human health undertakings.

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  Shenzhen SONTU Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. was specialized in medical imaging equipment research and development, production, sales and service of national high-tech enterprises, based in Shenzhen, China.Sales, service network throughout the country.

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  • Make an appointmentPlease fill in your business information and the need to solve the problem at the bottom of the page to send us the form to facilitate the depth of communication when meeting.
  • Telephone interviews1-3 working days within a very ten staff will communicate with you on the phone to help you arrange the interview schedule and issue confirmation.
  • Depth interviewThe first meeting will be held in the very ten companies, in-depth understanding of your brand needs to be addressed.
  • Project contractingAfter the in-depth interview, we will carry out the project discussion within ten days. We will make a customized menu according to your needs within 1-5 working days. The project starts after you sign the confirmation.
The Future of DR
  Sontu has been dedicated for the research and development of medical imaging technology and equipment for over a decade. Sontu has obtained computer software copyright and technology patents issued by a number of national copyright offices with various independent intellectual property rights of digital X-ray imaging technology. Sontu and its in-house developed medical equipment are recognized by our clients and hospitals along the years for its high reliability and performance, as well as timely and effective technical support network. 
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