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Introduction of X-Ray Application in medicine    Date:2018-01-18

  Introduction of X-Ray Application in medicine

  (A) X-ray diagnosis
  X-ray used in medical diagnosis, mainly based on X-ray penetration, differential absorption, photographic effect and fluorescence. As the X-ray through the human body, subject to varying degrees of absorption, such as the amount of X-rays absorbed by the skeleton than the amount of muscle absorption, then through the human body after the X-ray is not the same, it will carry various parts of the body density distribution. The difference in fluorescence between the fluorescent screen and the photographic film or the intensity of the photographic effect caused by the information is that shades of different densities will appear on the screen or on photographic film (developed, fixed). According to the shading contrast, combined with clinical manifestations, test results and pathological diagnosis, you can determine whether a part of the human body is normal. Thus, X-ray diagnostic technology has become the world's first application of non-planing visceral inspection technology.
  (B) X-ray treatment
  X-ray applied to the treatment, mainly based on its biological effects, the application of different energy X-ray irradiation on the tissue of human lesions part, you can make the irradiated cells damaged or inhibited, so as to achieve certain diseases, especially The purpose of treatment of cancer.
  (C) X-ray protection
  In the use of X-ray at the same time, people found the patient led to hair loss, skin burns, staff vision disorders, leukemia and other ray injuries, in order to prevent X-ray damage to the human body, we must take appropriate protective measures. The above constitute the three major aspects of X-ray applications in medicine - diagnosis, treatment and protection.
  Application of safety inspection X-ray machine is widely used in railway stations and airports security checks and so on. X-ray safety inspection equipment is through the conveyor belt will be checked luggage into the crawler channel completed. Baggage into the channel, it will block the light barrier signal, the detection signal is sent to the control unit, the trigger ray source to emit X-ray beam. A bundle of very narrow fan-shaped X-ray beams passing through the collimator penetrates the baggage items on the conveyor belt and falls onto a dual-energy detector that converts the received X-rays into electrical signals. These weak current signals Is directly quantified and sent to the industrial control computer via the universal serial bus for further processing, resulting in high quality images after complex calculations and imaging processes.